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We love them so much we would do anything for them.

As women, mothers, wives, we tend to put the people we love first. Kids, husbands, wives, family, friends... Their happiness is so important for us that we  often forget ourselves in the process.

Self-Love is powerful. 

When you love who YOU are and care for yourself as someone you truly love, your relationships with others become healthier and your life happier. 

You have the POWER! 

Join us on this journey and I can promise you that we will become our Better Self and discover our Best Life together.

Our Better Self Community

I wanted to create a community full of strong and powerful women (which to me is the definition of any woman) to help and support each other as well as focus on ourselves with care and love to create our own dream lives and be the happiest we've even been.

The journey of womanhood, motherhood... can be lonely sometimes and I want you to know that our community will always be there if you need support.

Welcome to the Tribe


Our Membership/Tribe Program

Each month, our tribe will learn and master important skills that will change our lives forever.

The skills will include:

self love and care, mindset, self confidence, life management, goal setting and a lot more...

Coaches, teachers, guides will join us to share their knowledge and help us grow into our better self :)

Please check our Join the Tribe Membership page

My Story

I am Alex, a woman, mother of 2 amazing boys and a silly puppy, wife to a husband I am deeply in love with, daughter, sister, friend, entrepreneur... 

My goal in creating the Better Self Community is to impact women like me who want to empower themselves and become the best version of themselves as a better woman, mother, wife, entrepreneur or anything they want to be (absolutely no limit here).

Since EVER, I have been a true people pleaser with no understanding of the word "boundaries" to the point I did not know who I was, what I truly liked or wanted. Don't get me wrong, I am still not there 100% as it is a journey but I am in the process and I am loving it. 

It has been so empowering to learn how my mind and body work, how to focus on goals to move forward and get out of dark places... I want to help others feel the same way and hope other will experience these amazing feelings. 


FREE Resources

Find our free tools that will help you reach your Better Self.

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Our Self Programs

Discover the programs you need to become our Better Self.

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Join the Tribe

Join Us and master skills that will help you reach your Better Life.

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